How it Works

We at 300 Day Loans make it easy for you to understand how we work. No loans can be directly borrowed through us. We are only a mediator and offer loan matching services so that you can find the loan deal that best meets your requirement. Apply with us and stop wandering from one place to another searching for lender and comparing different deals.

To get started you will have to first register with us. You will have to fill in a small form with very little information and submit it. Once you have registered, you can forward us your loan request immediately. We will then share it with the lenders in our network. To avoid rejections make sure that you provide complete and accurate details.

Ahead of applying you will need to meet a few preconditions. To qualify you will need to confirm that you are a citizen of the US, have attained 18 years of age, hold a valid checking account and earning fixed income every month. Once your application has been approved by the lenders, you can get the money wired directly into your checking account.

Repayment should be done as per schedule. Failure to repay back on time can get you into financial trouble and debts. Additional interest rates and fee may also get added to the total loan cost. So, no matter what amount of cash you have borrowed, pay back on time.

Feel free to reach us at 300 Day Loans if you need any further assistance.

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